How to Build A Website

Building Your Online Home Base Starts Here

#1 Choose Your Niche

Choosing your niche can be as simple as building a market around a subject that you’re already interested in, or one that you’re jumping on the bandwagon of.

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#2 Study Your Online Competition

Studying your competition is important. You need to know, or at least understand why, they are successful in the niche they are operating in. Benefit from the knowledge you gain.

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#3 Choosing Your Product

Deciding on which corner of the market within your chosen niche to do business in is important. This research can help you with website design ideas and determining your online marketing strategy.

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#4 Choose Your Online Business Name

Deciding on your what to name your business can be tricky. One school of thought wants you to use related terms, and the other school of thought involves brand-ability and name recognition.

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#5 Choose Your Website Domain Name

Choosing your domain name is also as tricky as choosing a business name. Do you want keywords stuffed in the domain name or not ? This conundrum can be frustrating, review the link below for insight into choosing your domain name.

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#6 Map out Your Website Design

It’s important to document the layout of your website and its various components prior to going live or launching a website. Prior to launching your web project, you should have a clear cut idea on everything from the structuring of website content, arrangement of that content, to the feel you want your home page to have, and more.

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#7 What Web Development Technology Will You Use?

It’s also important to choose a tool for building your website, a web site builder program, or a content management system (CMS), that will fit within your skill level. The chosen website builder should also complement the ambitions of your project. It should also implement any website layout ideas you may have.

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#8 Plan out Your Website Marketing

After you have chosen you niche, studied your competition, and decided on your product, its time to engage the market.

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#9 Plan Your SEO Tactics

Before you break ground with your web project, be sure to have a plan to implement search engine optimization throughout the construction of your project. This also applies to building single webpages. Web-pages should be treated, with regard to SEO, as important as full websites/blogs.

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#10 Decide on a path for your Content

What type of content will your website have? What will be the value in your website content to the user?

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Go! Begin Building Your Website

The ground work has been planned, the mechanism you’ll use to engineer your web project has been selected. You are confident in your marketing strategy, and know how you’re going to implement your SEO. Everything is ready to go with a well oiled plan. Yeah right, this is only the beginning.

Begin building your website.