Doing Business on The Web

Nowadays, having web visibility for your business is a no-brainer, but making it count is different concept altogether. The reason making a website count is a challenge is because there are so many of them. There are at least 100 million websites online, and nearly 2 billion web pages up at any given time. Making your website count isn’t as daunting a task as it may seem, but it does require a strong consistent effort in your respective niche.

Covering The Basics

If you build a website, or have one built, consider the following;

  • User Friendliness,
  • Functionality,
  • Aesthetics,
  • Social Integration,
  • and Mobile Web Design.

With a functional, user friendly website that pleases the eye that one can interact with on the go, a potential customer or client can make an informed decision about doing business with you on their own time. This alone will help you to increase sales by saving you time that you may have otherwise invested on educating the customer about your products or services.Make-Money-Online

By having your website socially integrated, visitors are free to promote your business, at no additional cost to you, by clicking like buttons, tweeting, and using other forms of social sharing. Its good to have this functionality integrated in your online business project, but only where it makes sense.

Is Your Company Website Listed?

Now that our website is running, we’ll need to get it listed in a few indexes.

This doesn’t necessarily mean in search engines like Google, who will eventually list your website on their own, but web directories like the online Yellow Pages, Merchant Circle, Yahoo Business Directory and others. Its surprising how valuable being listed in certain directories can be. In fact, some customers go directly to the Yellow Pages website to find a business that can offer them a desired solution.

Do Your Part For a Better Web

If you’re going to do business on the web, it makes sense to contribute to the web.

One way to contribute to the web is to share information. As the owner of VizTV Media Services, very few are in a better position to offer insight in the areas relating to doing business on the web.

This should also apply to you and your industry, if you are a plumber, whose best to give advice about caring for pipes? Who could give better advice about how to handle a leak? Are you a bad person if you pass on your business card in the process? No.

So by, for example, contributing an article to a blog, or producing an informative video, you end up in the unique position of lending a helping hand while simultaneously promoting your business.

Search Engine Optimization

In short, the basics of SEO is telling the search engines what your website is about and having users find your business by entering related search terms.

If you’re going to go after page 1 in Google you’ll end up having to hire an expert. The problem with paying a SEO firm for page 1 visibility is that its something that everyone claims to be able to achieve, but few do. The result of a successful search engine marketing campaign is worth every penny. Imagine showing up on page 1, or better yet, page 1 listing 1, for terms related to your business.VizTV-Media-Logo-Metallic-2013

The incoming leads would never stop.

It is Possible

Doing business on the web is a highly cost effective way to market your business. It will require patience, excellence, versatility, persistence, and a continued capitalization on available mechanisms for exposure.

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Doing Business on The Web

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