VizTV Web Hosting & Residual Income

As a passionate web designer and an humble SEO consultant, I figured it was always likely in the cards that we would end up offering a web hosting service long before we consciously knew it.

I’ve been working on this project a lot lately and I’m excited to report that its almost ready for primetime. I guess that’s my way of saying that I wish I could blog at VizFact Dot Net more often, but I guess I’m too busy “doing it” to be writing about it.

There’s Two Breed of Web Marketers

I feel that you have two types of web marketers in the world; the ones that write about it with hopes of capturing web traffic to offer wares to in an attempt to earn a commission, and the ones that bring products to web worth marketing that online marketers can actually get “well paid” for marketing. Hence, VizTV Web Hosting & Domains.

The Roll Out of VizTV Web Hosting Approaches

Aside from executing the work duties of VizTV Media Services on behalf of my clients, my web properties, and my friends, I’ve poured a lot of time into making sure the new project that I’m launching will be a treat for the customers, and the marketers.

A Treat For Web Hosting Customers

VizTV Web Hosting will be a fine service once it is actively marketed to the people who will need it most. Although web hosting companies come a dime a dozen, great experiences don’t and that’s what we intend to capitalize on with the VizTV Web Hosting Project. The real treat will be in the fast responsiveness of the hosting servers, meaning a great user experience for visitors of VizTV hosted websites, as well as a boatload of free goodies and software options that we offer at no additional charge.

A Treat For Web Marketers

We’re rolling out a 30% monthly residual payout to any and all affiliates who refer customers to VizTV Web Hosting using their own affiliate link.VizTV Webs - Ad Mockup - 300x250

That’s right. If you refer a customer to VizTV Web Hosting, you’ll earn a 30% monthly residual income from that customer’s subscription fees for the lifetime of that customer’s subscription with VizTV Web Hosting. And if you know how I do business, we’ll end up keeping our customers for years. In fact, we would never create an environment for our affiliates to be less than proud to market VizTV Web Hosting on their websites to their friends, followers, and family.

To register with VizTV Web Hosting and create an affiliate account, click here.

(As of the time of this post, marketing graphics and other materials are not available. Once you sign up as an affiliate, you can click on the affiliate tab to activate your affiliate account and you’ll be given access to an affiliate link to guarantee that you get credit for any client you send our way, and a 30% monthly residual override on any hosting subscription they choose.)

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