1. Find a Market Niche

Targeted Internet Marketing Strategy

What does choosing a niche mean to online marketers?

It basically means deciding on which enclave of a given market to use as the focus of your online marketing strategy. Niche marketing is where the real concentrated earnings potential resides. This is true in the real world simply because the same people who use the web are the same people you run into in public.

An Example

You may be into computer technology to the point that you could be considered an enthusiast. Does that mean you need to try to make money in every corner of the computer market ? Not hardly. There are plenty of area within the technology sector to capitalize on.

Example: Google has a niche. So does Microsoft. As does Dell and Skype.

Microsoft sells software and rules their niche. Google earns money online from advertising while users browse and search their website library.

Dell sells the hardware. Companies like Skype provide communication tools.

All of those companies compete in the computer technology zone, and they compete fairly well in their respective niches, or sub-niches if you will. They’ve also had remarkable success with their marketing strategies and many of the companies named continue to dominate their niche.

Online marketers, like ourselves, have chosen to travel the path of making money online in the general marketplace making it important to find a niche to focus our online marketing efforts on.

Multiple Niches

There’s nothing wrong with moving into related niches after your main project starts to take off. Its makes sense.

Why send business across the street?

When you decide to expand, you’ll want to focus your energy on duplicating your previously achieved success in the new “related” niche to grow your business and increase earnings.

Deciding on which area of a given market to focus on, and making a good choice about it based on research, can be the difference between launching a cash cow, and launching a time vacuum. Choose well.

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Finding A Market Niche