4. Name Your Online Business

Name Your Online Business

  • What are you going to name your business?
  • Do you have any ideas for a business name?
  • Are you going to have a website or blog?

Having a business name is not always necessary if you’re going to purely engage in affiliate marketing. Otherwise, naming your business is a keystone of establishing your [brand] identity in the online marketplace.

In this example we’re marketing a website builder so we want to have a website or blog to market our products on. Kinda like a home base.

The good thing about having a website is your site can grow in popularity and profitability. With a lot of work you can capitalize on it even more by successfully creating revisit value.

The name of our website should be catchy. Lets review a few examples.

Short Name

We may choose to name our website or blog something with a keyword in it. If your name is Josh, then lets go with JoshWebs. Its short, easy to remember and spell. It’s kind of catchy too. Lets roll with it.

Long Name

Some schools of thought prefer to have the business duty within the name of the business. Like “Josh’s Web Design Service” for a real world example.

I’d probably lean towards a name like WebsitesByJosh.

This isn’t a bad name because it lets the customer know exactly what the business does on sight. With the few seconds it takes for a customer to make a decision, the right name could be crucial for marketing and converting web traffic into phone calls.

Since we’ve decided on the name of our business, we need to choose a domain name for our website.

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4. Name Your Online Business