5. Choosing The Right Domain Name

Choosing a domain name for your website can have a lot of the same ramifications as choosing a business name. In this example we’re choosing a domain name for our online business based on the marketing a “website builder software program”.

We chose the business name of JoshWebs. Its quick, catchy, and the customer will likely remember the name of the business. The business name relates to Josh as a brand, and to his area of expertise which is web design.

The Best Possible Domain Name

Securing a preferred domain name for your online business can be tricky at times. A lot of domain names have been taken over by other internet marketers that operate in the domain name marketplace. Yes. There are people out there who squat on domain names with the intention of cashing in.

With that in mind, we’ll need to incorporate creativity if the name we want is taken, or already being used for another website.

Lets say we attempted to secure JoshWebs.com and found out it was taken. Then we tried Josh-Webs.com, no luck there either.

Next, we check for the availability of WebSitesByJosh.com and see that the domain is available. We purchase it.

The good thing about purchasing WebSitesByJosh.com is that it does have a related keyword in it. It’s good to have a keyword in your domain name when it “works”, but it’s not a big deal. Especially if you intend on building a brand, and being around for a while.

Keywords and Domain Names

This website’s domain name, VizFact.Net, has no keyword in it. In fact, the thought of stuffing a keyword in the domain name didn’t cross my mind. However, it doesn’t hurt to have a keyword in your domain name for search engine optimization purposes.

Word To The Wise: Having a keyword in your domain name doesn’t guarantee high search engine rankings.

Having keywords in a domain name is not worth the sacrifice of not having a market/user friendly, domain name.

Do not risk sensibility for technicality.

Domain Extensions

Should you get a .com or a .net? It doesn’t matter what domain extension you end up with, technically speaking, but people are used to typing in .com‘s.

.COM was one the first publicly available domain name extension. Being first has benefits. In fact, .com is now part of the everyday lexicon of the masses and I always recommend that my clients buy .com‘s when they can. If you have to buy a .biz because the domain name you wanted in .com is taken, it won’t hurt your business or search engine visibility, but it may confuse people who look up your site in .com by accident. It happens.

The following are other common domain extensions.

  • .com
  • .net
  • .biz
  • .info
  • .us
  • .tv
  • .org
  • .web
  • .ws
  • .me
  • .name

The list above is a snapshot of commonly used domain name extensions. There are hundreds and perhaps thousands more coming down the pipeline.

What’s in a name anyway? Keep it short and simple.

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