9. Planning SEO Tactics

Implement SEO Tactics During Website Construction

One idea, that I think a lot of webmasters miss the train on, is the implementation of search engine optimization during the process of building a website. Please review this list of ideas with regard to developmental search engine optimization. It should help a lot with having organic seo.

Directory Names

Use applicable keywords to name your folders and directories.

Pictures and Media

Be sure to use keywords to name these as well, besides, they should be related to your website anyway.


Make sure your blog or forum is named using a sensible implementation of your keywords.


Again, use your keywords to name your website pages and through out your content as you build your website. As long as it doesn’t sound spammy it should work out just fine.


If you are planning to link to anyone, or plan on having links coming in, have them come from related web entities if you can help it.

Sub Domain Names

Here is a quick example, if you end up having to make a sub-domain for a portion of our website, use your keywords. Example: http://Online-marketing.vizfact.com

The general idea I am trying to convey is, using a sense of keyword optimization during the development process of your website. This will save the webmaster a lot of time with preparing the website for search engine indexing, and trying to generate organic website traffic from search engine queries. Optimize as you go.