Penetrating Markets: Recalibrating My SEO Ferocity

It’s great to be back! I haven’t seriously blogged in years from the perspective of myself, but I’m back! Oh, I’m not going to get into the typical “I’m back” frenzy as I never really manned this blog. In fact, I launched this blog a few years ago as a way to embrace the webmaster community, but have not used it much or recently other than the last post.

Anyway, I guess the purpose of this blog post is warfare, or to be more specific, the re-initiation of the “Art of War” as it relates to being a great entrepreneur.

Online warfare.

Marketing warfare.

A thing we entrepreneurs do when we’re ready to see new horizons; get back to the basics and learn new things. I know it sounds oxymoronic, but that’s because it reads that way, not because it is.

Special Note: I should probably be using the term “preparedness” instead of “warfare,” but I like the aggressive feel of the word warfare so I’m going to stick with it until I step-up my vocabulary-implementation game. (It fits the mood, motivation, and excitement I’m writing with.)

The Situation

The Stepping Up of One’s Game

As a professional Houston SEO for over 10 years, I’ve never attempted to dominate that [SEO] particular search market as I’ve always focused on ranking in easier gateway markets like website design, corporate video production, and other business-related search markets. But not directly SEO. Why? From the start of the business, it was just easy to bring in SEO clients indirectly, so I never tried to rank for SEO; it was no big deal.

But I have a dilemma; I should be ranking for “Houston SEO,” and I never have.

The Real Dilemma: I should have those bragging rights.

Militant Action & War

I’ll Be My Own Drill Sergeant

VizFactimus Maximus

Viz Screams: “Prepare for Glory!”
Asst Replies: “Task Complete Sir!”

If you’re not an SEO or a primary actor in an industry predicated on earning results from indirect actions intended to affect the customer, like marketing, then you might not understand. But for those that do, and that get the concept of highly competitive markets, it’s going to be a war. Not a war with outsiders alone, but one that must be waged internally to force actions and innovations that will lead to desired results.

VizTV Media Services, the company, ranks well for video production and corporate & law firm website design, but I’ve noticed something new. My rankings for “Houston music videographer” have slipped a little, in maps not organics, but I still did not like it. Not that it matters to the bottom-line as much as it is a morale booster. I like my morale being boosted.

Moving along…

As I was pondering the concept of launching an internal SEO campaign (something I’ve never done because I always focus on my clients), a thought came to mind. I figured that if I’m going to target video production to regain the three-pack, then I may as well push my rankings up for Houston SEO.

Why not?

That’s what I thought, but I’m going to need help. I lost my assistant a few months ago due to a nasty recurring case of didn’t-do-task, but clearly, I’m going to need another.

To The Point

Back to this blog and where I started with the “thing us entrepreneurs do” thing. I’m back blogging again because I need to keep my ear to the streets, ensure that my skills are sharp, enhance my story-telling game, and focus on creating excellent content. I need to be a better writer, a better thinker, and a stronger player.

This is why I’m blogging. To be a better SEO. (There’s more to SEO than blogging – just saying.

And no, my willingness to blog after all these years has nothing to do with lock-down orders related to the Wuhan-Chinese Corona Virus that’s also referred to as the Cerveza Bug, Covid 19, the Wuhan Flu, the Chinese-Flu, and the CCP Virus.

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