A Better Popular Posts Plugin For WordPress

I’ve been a long time user of nRelate products, but over the past year I’ve noticed a number of unsightly gaps appearing between post thumbnails when I set up popular posts in my sidebar(s) regardless of the website or WordPress theme I’m using.

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Screenshot from VizFact Dot Com.

This obvious showing of cracks in the nRelate product has prompted me to look around the webs for another related/popular posts plugin that runs purely with no ads, and no need to integrate with a cloud or another network.

Don’t get me wrong, we still use nRelate in areas where it functions properly like related content for example, but once we activate ads all order and proper aligning of related post thumbnails goes right out the window.

Moving Away From Ad Spamming

Since I’ve grown into a mature blogger, I see no need to use an advertising platform to show off the other content on my blog, but rather a simple solution that “just works”.

The image to the left is a screenshot of the popular posts plugin in action on the sidebar of the blog that started it all, (as far as the VizFact universe is concerned) and I haven’t been happier with a plugin in a long time.

Link To Plug In

If you’re a WordPress webmaster, and are looking to try out the plugin, its free!

Click here to visit the download page.

A Better Popular Posts Plugin For WordPress

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