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About VizFact

I am VizFact, formerly known as VizFact: TheDude, also known Mr. Shank Shizank Shizanka, and I am a long time web professional, web marketer, and a savvy SEO. I first started making myself aware and comfortable with these here internets back in the year 1999.

As a young adult/late teen, I marveled at the opportunity to delve into the online world. Back then, we had dial up, and a TV version of CNET which helped to spur imagination about what may one day become the internet and I have not been disappointed in what it has become.

About VizFact.net

The purpose of VizFact.net is carry on a long time tradition of blogging about best web-marketing practices, staying refreshed, SEO stuff, as well as to share information with my friends who want to learn the ins and outs of SEO & online business concept(s).

We have a direct interest in our friends and website users having a great experience at VizFact.Net.

Another purpose of VizFact.net is be the online marketing blog component of VizTvMedia.com and VizTvWebHosting.com. By assigning VizFact.net for this objective, we are easily able to get involved in the webmaster/SEO conversation without overbearingly conflicting with the business structures of the other web projects.

In short, VizFact.Net is a personal blog on matters related to the internets.

Doing Business Online

Doing business online, be that as a webmaster, SEO, or affiliate marketer, is a challenging undertaking requiring effort, brilliance, creativity, patience, and a hell of a skill-set.