8. Online Marketing Plan

Preparing Your Online Marketing Plan

A Few Ideas To Help

There are a ton of ways you could promote your website. To simplify the sharing of information, there is a list provided below with a few strategies for your marketing plan. In the spirit of keeping with the example of marketing a website builder, we will look over a few ideas.

We have selected our niche, and the product of a website builder to promote and sell, so lets take a look at a few ways to gin up some business.

Article Marketing

Writing articles about the education of building a website. This will attract readers who are likely to buy or need your product. You can also allow other publishers to publish your articles to give you a multiplied effect. Resources like Hubpages, and e-zine articles, are a good start. Also, free traffic system is great too. They allow you to select up to 30 blogs for your content to appear on. You can always link to your website in your articles.

Affiliate Marketing

Have affiliates to market your product. Or you could put your product up on Amazon, then their affiliates may choose to market your products for you as well. Your product may even appear in contextual ads.


Search engine optimize your website for help with generating organic traffic from the search engines. We will cover this more on the next page.

Social Networking

This is another whole area of ways to promote your website and your products. You can join groups, and clubs, relating to your area of expertise in your marketing niche. You can also build relationships and followings to help create an audience for your business. This will only help with marketing. Its like public relations for your business.

Helping Out

Wiki Answers, Yahoo Answers, all have people who need help with some sort of problem and have questions or concerns they need addressed by a professional. Maybe they have problems related to your niche. This is a powerful online marketing strategy if done properly, and with a touch of class.


Social networking, participating with blogs, and forums, are all ways of creating a market or an audience for your business. Joining a community with like minded people can also help you out a lot as well. You could also join a community of users who may need your product, like a public support forum.

Pay Per Click

A great example of pay per click is the ads that show up in the search engines when you perform a search. This a good way to advertise because the ads are user keyword driven. Meaning your ads will have exposure to a user that generated it based on the search terms they used. A contextual ad, promoting your product or service to a user who may actually have a need for it.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is always great when the user has opted in to receive your emails. Take your time, develop a good email marketing strategy for your business, and then put it in play.

In carrying out your marketing plan be sure to include the essence of timing. Having a tactical method of operations can go a long way. This will vary from business to business so if you intend on making money online, the marketing part is at least 1 and a half times more important than the product.