50 Excellent SEO Tips

We don’t believe in the commonly exercised practice of regurgitating information we find on the web and attempting to take credit for it when we could just give credit where credit is due.

While pursuing the internets during the normal course of educating one of my legal-SEO clients on how SEO “may work”, my client asked me a question related to why I’m so effective with getting sites up Google’s rankings when my competitors, another party working on their other projects, are so ineffective.

I replied that they were most likely trained drones, or children of the “SEO community”, that lack the ability to be creative with their SEO efforts, or dynamic. In other words, following the crowd tends to get you the same results as the crowd being followed.

With that said, I stumbled across some excellent SEO tips that I found on the Search Engine Journal’s website that I wanted to have access to and share with people who visit VizFact.net.

1. If you absolutely MUST use Java script drop down menus, image maps or image links, be sure to put text links somewhere on the page for the spiders to follow.

2. Content is king, so be sure to have good, well-written, and unique content that will focus on your primary keyword or keyword phrase.

3. If content is king, then links are queen. Build a network of quality backlinks. Remember, if there is no good, logical reason for a site to link to you, you don’t want the link.

4. Don’t be obsessed with PageRank. It is just one isty bitsy part of the ranking algorithm. A site with lower PR can actually outrank one with a higher PR.


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